Program Summary

Home Partners provides responsible households a transparent path to homeownership through its Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. The program provides three to five years* of rent certainty with an initial financial commitment of just one year.

*In Texas, the maximum total lease term is 3 years.

How It Works

Prospective Household applies for approval.
Household finds a Home Partners qualified home.
Home Partners buys the qualified home, household leases from Home Partners.
Household has the right to purchase the home.


Standard Residential LeaseHome Partners Lease with a Right to Purchase
Sign A Lease
Financial Commitment Limited to 1 Year
Security Deposit Required
Rental Rate CertaintyTypically 1-2 Years5 Years ( 3 Years in TX )
Right to Purchase
Mutual Responsibility to Maintain Home
Right to Purchase the Home at a Predetermined Price
Pick from Many* Homes Available

*Based on qualifying factors